Monday, October 14, 2013

Diana E-mail October 14, 2013

Friends and Family!!!
How are you this week??? Well I have been ok a lot has happened and I just am glad the Lord is in charge of this crazy world we live in. 
So i just looked at my families school pictures and I think my family we are all pretty good looking!!! I want top start off with Jazz holy cow I have only been gone 3 months and she has just blossomed!! Which is not good Jesse's not there to scare a way all those boys so Anthony scare them off with you super power "weirdness" lol But really Jazz YOU are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Minnie YOU are  BEAUTIFUL too. who gave you guys permission to grow up while i am gone i dont like it!!! Anthony you are just well Anthony and i mean that in all the nicest ways!!
Have I ever told anyone about how amazing my family is!!! They are!! Look at my Mom she is super women and her super power is to love unconditionally I put my mom through a lot and she just took me and loved me and look at how great i am jkjk  My dad is superman!!! and his super power is he can fix anything!!! Jason and Kelsey are the power couple and there secret power is that they can have so much fun Jason blinds people with his shiny bald head and Kels can clean there teeth lol
But really I have the best family in the whole wide world!!! I know I didnt talk much about my missionary work this week but know that I am working hard and that God is preparing people and I will find them soon.
I love you all and I love the lord!! I have been feeling a little alone lately but the truth is I am never alone!! Jesus Christ knows me and he is walking with me every step of the way. His Atonement works for everything Form a broken heart to a paper cut. Pres. Monson was telling us the truth when he said that Gods Love is for all of us and it is always there when we are happy when we are sad when we dont think we deserve it. God is our Father and He is very mindful of all his children I know this church is true and some day everything we go through will be made right.
Love You all

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