Monday, October 7, 2013

Diana E-mail October 7, 2013

Hello Family and friends!!!!
This week has been a really good one!! My companion got a little sick this week and i really don't want to be sick so i took some on guard, and my mom gave me this little book on how to use essential oils and i was reading the different ways  you can use the oils and one of the things said to put a few drops  under your tongue and well you all know me and mom wasn't around to tell me any better so i tried it. it was so nasty my lips went numb. but hey i am not sick so i wont complain. 

 WASN'T CONFERENCE GREAT !!!!!!! Oh my goodness i loved it so much everyone gave such amazing talks. The one talk that answered my prayers was Elder Holland! I love that man!! I have been having a hard time and i have been really hard on myself and i could start feeling myself starting to fall into depression and Elder Holland when he was speaking i was just crying really hard i think the guy sitting next to me thought i was crazy. but it was so good. Did you all hear Elder Ballard's talk He promised that if everyone would bring one person by Christmas something would happen i have to go back and read it. but that doesn't matter lol everyone find someone by Christmas. 

Oh my goodness i can not believe its October!! Where is all this time going? Well we have a few people we are teaching. We have a family that has been meeting with the missionaries for about 14 years and they are so ready to be baptized. There oldest son graduated for seminary and is now attending BYU Provo. They are so amazing they are dry Mormons they live most of the commandments and yeah all that is holding them back is that the mom Min is wanting to hear a voice form God telling her this is the true church and of course Heavenly Father doesn't answer us like that we have to do our part we have to read the book of mormon study out in our minds and then we pray for an answer and them God will give you the answer but not in the ways we as humans expect. So we are teaching her about how we recessive answers from God. so if you want can you pray for this family there last name is Chins. I know God will help this family find the truth. 

So the Chins took sister Leung and i out for lunch and oh my goodness i had really Chinese food and it was so good. super wok doesn't have anything on this place! i don't think i will ever be able to eat Chinese food the same. Oh i also had Korean pancakes and they had shrimp and SQUID in them the were actually really good so Anthony i beat you to it lol. 

 the weather has been really good this week nice and sunny the weather hear kind of reminds me of the what it feels like in Arizona around thanks giving time. THE TREES CHANGE COLOR!!!!!!!!! It is the coolest thing ever the trees look like they are on fire. I have taken some leaves and put them in my journal for save keeping. oh so we live in Bellevue and we live a little ways out of down town Bellevue and anyways where i live i can see downtown Seattle and Bellevue and it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen!! 

So I haven't changed to much i mean i have grown up a lot and my testimony is growing but for the normal Diana stuff i am still me i lose everything actually i lost the car keys and i was freaking out because these are the Lords keys and the Lords car and i have no idea why he trust me with something like this but he does and i am doing my best. anyway i lost the keys and they where gone and i said a prayer and i went to my purse where i had dumped everything out already and there they where. I still break everything. Its a good thing i am a missionary because for a normal person well being me i would be so lost. i am so white i mean i was white before i came out but know i am really white i feel like my hair is getting darker but the truth is my skin is just getting white ='( oh well hopefully when i go back home i will just burn really good once and my tan will come back.

 Thank you all so much for your prayers. They are truly needed and appreciated. I love you all so much and i hope you are all happy and excited. we have just heard from the Prophet and he has called us all out. the word must go out and we are the ones caring it so lets not just be hears of the word but lets be doers also. there is opportunities all around us to share. well i love you all again and enjoy the sun for me cuz i miss it :D
Love Sister Diana Marie Whetten

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