Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jesse e-mail – August 7, 2013

Its P.Day already! haha the days are flying by so fast! its crazy that school is already starting! but i am just so glad i dont have to go to that inferno again!! what play are you doing this time! i truly have an amazing mother:) i dont know how you handle so many kids at one time, i wouldnt know how to handle that! its so good to hear that everyone is going to the temple more, its truly la house of the lord. the temple right by the mtc opens on monday so we get to go through next wednesday!! im so excited about that! well today started out great, i was playing dodge ball with a few other elders and of course i ended up breaking a stupid light bulb! the chances of breaking that lightbulb line up with the fact that im just Jesse:P i cant hardly tell what days are what because the time just goes by! the only reason i know what day it is, is because my watch tells me! if i didnt have it i would be lost and my wrist would feel naked. Okay seriously the Gila Valley is everywhere! an elder was giving a talk on monday and one of the pictures that he was using was literally that gila River. im starting to realize what a wonderful place that valley Is. i think the funniest joke that ive heard so far in the mtc is that the only difference between the MTC and prison, is that the prisoners get visitors:P well i haven’t written you letters in a little while so ill be writing some today! so expect someting in the mail sometime this week or early next week! i Love you all! 
Love, Elder Whetten! 

(Letter to LaMont)
things are going great here in the MTC, yesterday was a little rough though. i couldnt get any of the things we were learning and couldnt stay focused. but i prayed for help and i feel alot better. ive prayed so much since ive been here i love being able to communicate with my heavenly father. as always i never fail to have fun during anything so im attatching a cool picture that me and Elder kunzler took:) Love you Dad! 
love, Elder Whetten

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