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Diana e-mail - August 12, 2013

Diana e-mail – August 12, 2013
well this week has been a lot of fun crazy because just like dad told Jesse someone is trying to kill me i had a zip line accident i am fine i can still walk and saturday i was stung by a bee and my arm swelled up but sister choi took good care of me. SISTER CHOI KNOWS ACURPUNCHER!!!! it was so funny i get to her and the first thing she asked me was if i was afraid of needles and i said no and so she poked my fingers. after it was all done she said i was a good patient lol I love her so much. so yeah and then when sister payne and i were trying to get home we got lost she’s not very good and following instructions either. so we were lost in seattle for a while and the good part of getting lost was we got to see the space  needle and it was getting dark so it was all lit up. it was so cool. we made it home. 
we had a meeting last week and i started thinking about all the people in my area and how i only have 18 months to teach these people of Washington and that’s not enough time!! i have so much to do and so that means i need to really take every day for what it’s worth and every day is a gift from God. In our mission President choi told us to sing all the time and at every door step and it is so amazing music truly brings the spirit in like nothing else it’s amazing. We still don’t have an investigators but we are looking and working hard. we are really trying to get the ward involved and have them catch the wave so we are working with the members a lot. We can only eat with the members in sundays and mondays unless they have a non-member then we can go eat with them. this rule is here because from 5-7 people are home and those are the best tracting hours because everyone here is so busy. but we are getting feed well they still bring us meals and take us out to lunch.
well everyone i love you a ton and miss you more than word can even say. but the Lord is blessing us and we will be ok. write letter i love getting them so have a great week and remember the Lord is with you!!!!

(The following is from a letter Diana mailed home – it is the story of the zip-line accident)

So, this morning Sister Payen and I went for a jog and the Leatham’s have a zip line and before we got ready this morning Sister Payen went down once real quick, she asked me if I wanted to go down but I said no.  So, all day I have been trying to get the nerve up to go down the zip line.  So, Sister Payen and I finished washing the car and right before we moved on to something else I decided to go down the zip line.  Well, it was really fun till I fell off.  When I fell the first thing I hit is my face and then my chest.  I had the air knocked out of me, so before Sister Payen could get to me I was trying to calm down so I could catch my breath.  When she finally got to me I was trying to laugh but I still couldn’t breath.  I didn’t realize I hit my face till I looked in the mirror.  Sister Payen took a picture of my face right after it happened so it looks pretty cool.  The really bad part is I hurt my knee.  We iced it right away but I can’t put to much pressure on it so I can gimp everywhere.  I am fine, though, don’t worry.

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