Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jesse e-mail - August 14, 2013

Jesse e-mail – August 14, 2013

Oh Momma!!
 so many great things have happened this week!!! first off there are a bunch off hidden treasures here in the mtc that other missionaries have left behind for others to find. Elder kunzler and i both searched all the ceiling panels and found some balls and other hidden treasures up there and we even found some maps but we dont have the keys to the rooms:P and the showers here are so bipolar! one minute it will be a great temperature the next its inferno! but theres one shower thats not connected to all the rest and its worth getting up the extra 10 minutes to have it:) another funny thing that happened this week was that in our lesson i made a funny mistake pronouncing a word. in spanish the word for "sin" is Pecados, and the word for "fish" is Pescados. so of course i got the two mixed up and i accidently said that through the atonement we can be cleansed from FISH! i couldnt stop laughing and even our investigator broke character for a second. but it was a good learning experience!. now i have a really cool story that happened at last nights Tuesday devotional. we had heard for a while that there would be an apostle coming for this devotional so of course we ate dinner as soon as we could so we could get really good seats in the choir. well everyone was so excited that as soon as they opened the gates to the mtc every missionary just ran to the marriot center. in all the chaos i got separated from my companion and ended up being with elder Farnsworth. when we were seated with the choir we were about the 7th row back and the audiences right of the BYU stadium. so they were descent seats, but come on i could do better! i saw 8 seats in the center of the stadium and 6 of them were taken by some elders so i asked Elder F. to hold my seat and that i would be back. now the choir gets seated 1 hour before the rest of the mtc gets there so nobody was in the center section yet. i went over and talked to the missionaries that were waiting there and they said they were ushering. so i asked if they needed help and they said yes. so that meant me and Elder got to usher, and get the best seats in the stadium. so skipping ahead to all the chaos being over we were finally seated and thats when the apostle came in. Elder Richard G. Scott of the 12 walked in, everyone stood up and the feeling there was amazing. heres the next cool thing, since we were at the end of the row in the middle that meant the main camera was 6 seats to our left. that camera had to take the shot of the choir on our right. so all 8 of us elders were in the way. somehow there were 6 seats reserved right behind us but that left me and Elder Farnsworth nowhere to go. so as the opening song came closer we got more nervous. turns out we had to duck down and lean as far forward as we could to avoid being in the shot! haha that was exciting! the rest of his talk was amazing, and it was about prayer. so it was something that i really needed to hear. and as it turns out that was the first live mtc broadcast to be sent to all the mtc around the world so that was legit!! some other cool things that happened is that me and my companion got to skype a lady in mexico! we got  to teach her a lesson and everything, the things we can do with technology is absolutely amazing! and last but not least the temple is finally done being cleaned or refurbished and we get to go through it today.  i am really excited to finally go! well everything here is going great and i havnt broken anything or anyone yet so thats good news! just know that i love and pray for you all everyday:) 

Love Elder Whetten!!  

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