Friday, June 12, 2015

Jesse - June 8, 2015

Simple Things

so i came to the conclusion this week that the closer that one gets to finishing a mission the mind tends to play tricks. the things that were always really easy to do become a little harder. its like its a test of enduring to the end ha it made me think of alma chapter 37 where it talks of the small and simple things that cause great things to happen. so this week that thought and scripture have helped me many times when i felt like letting one thing go by. we were blessed with many lessons this week both with members and with investigators. as for the investigators we do have some baptismal dates, but whether i get to see their baptisms or not its been amazing being able to be an instrument in the lords hands. i believe that is my goal for the next little while, to always be worthy to do what the lords wants to do with me, just like an instrument. i dont have much more to say than this so i hope its good enough til next week:) i pray for all of you, be safe and ill see you soon!!
Elder Whetten

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