Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Anthony - July 1, 2015

Not-so-weekly Report of The Lost Elder

Well this week we are having a little more success, and everyone that we pass by is progressing. So you can say it was a pretty good week. Anyways, we had an awesome leccion with the family Moreno Catalan, they are a family that we are teaching. We went in not really knowing what to teach, we had a plan but it was kinda shaky and we weren't real sure about it. So we walk in, sit down, and then start to talk, just nice light conversation. Then suddenly Maria Jose walks in, she is a family member, but I'm not sure how she's connected. Anyways she comes in and sits down and kinda joins the leccion. She is a recent member and is really cool. She actually just got baptized this last Saturday(she not our ella es de los otro Elderes) So we share a scripture and Maria Jose starts giving pollo to la Nadia, just hitting her right to the core, to the places that as guys and as missionarys we can't go. It was cool, and now Nadia is going to get baptized no matter what. She still needs to work on some things but is going to do it, to change her life. It was powerful. But other then that our week was pretty normal. That is as normal as it can get with me around. One morning we went to do contacts in the metro and when we were heading home we got separated, it was weird. I haven't been without someone by my side for 10 months, and here I was stuck in a crowded train without anyone. So I waited till the next stop and got off. When the next train came I thought my comp would be on it, Nope, so I took the next train back, he wasn't there either. SO I took the train to where we were supposed to meet up. Got off and waited, and waited and waited, and he never came. But 2 elders did get off so i was enveloped in a trio. They took me home, where we found my comp. It was an adventure. But that's it. Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.
E' Whetten 

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