Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Anthony - June 24, 2015

Not-so-weekly Report of The problem Child.

So, I have to fill you in on all that happened last week because it is...interesting. So last week wasn't a very good week. We couldn't get very many leccios in, but, unlike before we were able o keep our heads up and still keep going. Also last week alot of funny things happened, and also some weird things. Anyways, so on Saturday we had an activity with the youth in the stake, where everyone got together and we went with a group of Youth to go out and teach the gospel. Anyways, this is the sad part. Two Girls contacted a lady and then the lady walked across the road and got hit by a car. She just broke a couple ribs, so she'll be fine, but still, brigido.(dangerous) But hey, we have her address and name and she can't really go anywhere so the perfect investigator. Just sayin'. Then Tuesday was one of the roughest days of my mission, I was falling down, bumping into things and just having a rough time. This week was much better, that is except I keep hitting my head on things. And it seems that every where we go people are asking for english leccions. So I guess this week we are going to busy not only teaching english but learning to teach english. We also did some really hopeful contacts that are going to turn out quiet nicely. All in all a nice week. I can't believe that its week 3 already, it feels like I haven't been here for very long, but also like I've been here my whole mission. Its a weird sensation. Hopefully this week will be as good as this last one. I have been learning alot from E' Torres, we work really well together, even though sometimes I can be kinda pesado (irritating).  But yeah lifes good. We finally get to see a soccer game!!! we have permission to watch it today. (we get to watch the Copa America, which is a really big deal down here. Its like to world cup but smaller and racist bucause they didn't invite america. we get to watch a Chile game today in a members house.)  I am super excited. Love you all and hope your week is fantastic. 
Love E' Whetten

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