Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jesse - May 4, 2015

so where to start this week! we didn't get as high as we did last week(spiritually) but we did get pretty close. there were a lot of moments that we kinda didn't know what to do but the lord led us to those people who were ready. on one of the days i remember we had already went through the list of people that we had noted down so our last resort was doing contacts, something ive learned to love. and somehow one of the first doors we touched belonged to less actives! so we dont really count that as luck. the other cool thing that happened was that we found another person to teach! we were actually looking for another less active(on purpose this time) and we never really found the address but some people asked us if we were looking for someone and we told yes, turns out that they invited us to their  front porch to share a lesson and one of them looked at us and said she thinks this is what she has been waiting for. so we are super stoked about this one!! the other thing that we did was that today we had our zone activity and we went bowling. my camera took another fall last week and it finished the job so no pictures ths week. but, we doing good and we workin hard!! haven't started counting down the days yet but im finding out that a lot of other people do know how to count down haha ill be home soon enough, not too worried about that one:P have a great week!!
Elder Whetten!!!

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