Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jesse - April 20, 2015

so we have officially finished week 2 of my "sons" training!!!! that for me has been quite the accomplishment!! we had our fair share of good times haha this week we found some Nerf guns hidden in the apartment, it was like Christmas all over again. so for those of you that know me really well i tend to lose focus pretty fast sometimes, something that has bettered with my mission! but on Friday we do our weekly planning session that takes about 2 or more hours and this week i lost we had a nerf war:) our apartment has the ground floor and an upstairs so we took turns in each place. but the funniest thing was when my comp "locked me outside" and i climbed to a small ledge that was outside the upstairs window. i thought it was pretty sick until the dueƱo saw us(the person who owns the place).  i looked at him, he looked at me with my handheld three round nerf-gun and i said. haha with a smile on my face i said "yeah he locked me out and now i cant get in". im not sure how that explains the nerf gun but i think he bought it. haha then that same day my companion broke my mug, and he also broke the was a good week:) we have also been getting better with the area and we now have two investigators that are progressing, one is actually going to the temple open house in may and the other one is just a boss and progressing a lot! we are both getting along just fine though and one of the best things about this area is that we get a lot of food:) full stomach=happy Whetten...true story.
see you all soon:)
Elder Whetten

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