Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jesse April 13,2015

so this week has been really good but at the same time it has been great! last tuesday i was able to recieve my very new companion from good ol´ idaho!  which is really funny because i was hoping that i would get a companion that spoke spanish, so when they told me he was from idaho i thought it was a white boy haha yeah i was wrong, i guess the big man up stairs has a sence of humor because hes mexican! haha so i was super stoked about that! that means i dont have to teach him the i just have to teach him the slang from argentina because its a lot different than that of mexico! we are both new to the area that we are in so we have been working really hard, trying to get to know all the members and asking them for references so we can get started here in Burzaco. the cool thing about my companion though is that we have a lot in common and we get along really well! i will send a picture to you all attached to this message. i have felt a lot of stress though this week just with all the pressure of a new area, new companion, different problems from previous elders, but sunday changed it all. it had been two weeks since we had recieved the sacrament and when we participated of it, it changed everything. it just really shows the importance of going to church! haha but know that we are doing great and tearing it up here in Argentina.
Elder Whetten!

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