Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jesse - November 15, 2014

where do i even start! this week has been interesting..very interesting. this week for some reason my body decided to make me start suffering with my allergies WOOH!!! there hasn't been a day where i haven't had a plugged up nose itching eyes or headache...it sucked. so the doc of the mision told me i have to buy some weird medicine where i have to squirt up my nose now it should be interesting. i just hope that it wont be long before the allergies go away and i don't have to deal with them anymore. the other thing is that my companion is dieing in 2 weeks, not really dieing but he is finishing his mission here very soon, and its hard being the companion to someone who is going home because all they talk about is their family and the things they are going to do when they go home. my companion is a great missionary but lately he is having a hard time focusing i guess you could say. hes tired and close to the end i guess it gets hard and it makes me have to work that much harder. i dont want him to quit,especially when he is right there at the finish line. so ive decided that im going to kick his butt and work him till he cant stand anymore, if im going to be his last companion im going to send him home tired and content. the work here is going somewhat good, its still very slow but we just have to keep pressing forward. just last week for my birthday our mission got the chance to listen to one of the 12 apostles,Elder Neilsen. him and his wife both gave amazing talks that were very inspired and just what we needed to hear at this time. but i think the part that struck me the most was when Elder Neilsen bore his testimony to all of us and left us with an apostolic blessing. i wont ever forget when he bore witness that our heavenly father lives as well as his son Jesus Christ, i was close enough to see that there was no room for doubt in his voice or on his face. it was almost as is for him, it was a fact. and it could be! but those words touched my heart and have strengthened my testimony not only in the savior but in his servants the prophets. i hope that one day in the distant future (because i have a long way to go) that i too can have with me, that kind of surety and faith. I love this gospel and i love being able to be a representative of Christ. it has been the biggest blessing of my life and it has made me into a better young man and son of god. i just hope that i too can make the best out of the time that i have here in Argentina, its both a privilege and a blessing. life has never been so easy yet so hard, its a challenge but its worth all the long hours in the sun, rain,heat,humidity. i pray for everyone always, and i mean it when i say i love you all!! and remember me when you are all suffering in the beautiful arizona coldness, because i would prefer it to the heat and humidity any day:P 
Love, Elder Whetten

Agunate Argentina!!  

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