Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jesse - Nov. 10, 2014

so this week was a little rough. from the weird weather that we've been having for the past month from hot to cold a lot of people are sick for the time being and i guess it was my turn. but when i wasn't sick we had divisions i think is what its called in english, i went with one of the zone leaders to their area and that elder happened to be elder davis haha this month we both have birthdays so we are planning on doing something for that. they also live on the 10th story so we spent the last part of the night throwing paper airplanes out the window and looking back at the progress we have made since my first area Parque Baron. he is a really great leader and a great friend but the coolest part is that he only lives like an hour and a half away from home! respresent arizona! but the best part of the wek was that we have found a really good investigator to teach. the first lesson we tought was in the church and she brought with her her sister. she is twenty years old and just has a really strong interest to learn more about the church and we can really feel the spirit when we teach with them. they also took us up on the invitation to come to church yesterday and see how it was, they both loved it, and the best part was that we hardly had to do anything because the memebers did their jobs and showed them what was going on. it really helped us out a ton! the problem i think the ward is having is that they dont really know the importance that they have in the conversion  of an investigator. but we are slowly making some process! in fact here in about 30 minutes we have another lesson with them and then we are going on to a family home evening with some members. they also sayd that a big storm is coming in tonight  so we might see some more floodings:P it never gets boring when it rains quite so much as it does here haha service!!! also a shout out to my little bubby anthony who is turning 19 today, te amo hermanito! disfruta tu tiempo en el campo misional...falta poco;) i love you all! i promise i do!! 
Elder Whetten

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