Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jesse - September 15, 2014

this week went by way to fast. so many things happened that were amazing and really fun that its hard to keep up with and remember all that happened. but i would have to say that the best thing we were ably to do was teach to the needs of the people. as missionaries we get really used to teaching the same lessons over and over again, but the trick is to do it in different ways so that the people we are teaching can apply it to their lives. and that is what we did this week, we focused more on the needs and not just teaching the lessons. there were several lessons where we were able to really feel the holy ghost and i don't doubt that he was the one guiding us. there were tears and great feelings and just a great chance to get to know not only the people better but to know my heavenly father a little more, and learn to rely on him as we teach. so that was something that we were able to do, another is that we got to help do a really big service project on Saturday. i think that here its a national service day or something like that. but we got to paint a school with members of the stake, and with all the missionaries in it. i have a ton a fotos to send!! and well i think that sums up what weve done, noting too crazy going on yet but hey something is bound to come my way, just wait for it;) 
Elder Whetten

i also got to ride on the train with the doors open!! so of course i sat on the steps:)
ive got some videos and fotos:)

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