Monday, July 28, 2014

Jesse E-mail - July 28

So this week was a mixture of things, but i think it was leaning more towards amazing. On Saturday we were able to have that baptism we had planned for! his name is Silvio Alba! he is 23 years old and he understands everything we teach him. he is also the investigator that we were able to take to the temple last week. the crazy thing is that it only took him 3 weeks to understand everything, take all the lessons, and be baptized! usually it takes a little bit longer than that but he just dove in with faith. somehting i wish i could do! the baptism was great and the spirit was definitely present. he even gave his testimony to end it and it made my eyes sweat a little bit hearing how strong he was spiritually. he went on to say that he wasn't going to grow away from the church and he would endure to the end and do all that he could to learn more and more. the following day my companion and i were able to join in the circle to give him the gift of the holy ghost, and i wont even try to describe that moment. but something that's even better is that silvios older brother Roman is now going to be baptized on the 9th of August! and his very own brother silvio is planned to do his baptism!! now that is somethin that i cant wait for! i dont think i will be able to hold back the tears that day but ill do my best:P also just yesterday the mission president gave me a big surprise. last week we found out that my companion Elder Castillo would be leaving on Monday and another missionary would be coming to be the district leader here in the area. well i think i got a little too comfortable, after all its been a full year with no calling and just being the Junior companion. but the thing is that i love being the junior companion...less to worry about. well last night at 10:40  i got a fone call that changed all of that in a matter of seconds. i got a call telling me that my companion changed to Elder Olsen from utah,my first Yankee as they say here:P and that i would be the new district leader here:P so now i have a new calling and im super stoked about it! and in about one hour i have to do my first baptismal interview so im already  being thrown into action. well thats about all the excitement that i have for you all today so i hope you enjoy!
Love, Elder Whetten

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