Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jesse - June 16

well another week has come and gone but this week was a little better than the last one!!! first off the world cup started!!! and this year its in freakin Brazil so its that much better! i do have to say though this world cup stuff cant be any better than i imagined it! Argentina played on Sunday and thats when everyone really started getting into it. kids running in the streets with noise makers, vehicles with the Argentina flag, kids in the streets with flags as capes, everyone who passes buy asked if we were going to watch the game and all we had to say was Aguante Argentina!!! so its good to see everyone united for once, even if it is for just one month! better than nothing. we won 2-1!!
 also i got transferred to my 3rd area in the mission. its kinda crazy to think i almost have one year and only 3 areas but im okay with it. its really hard to leave an area once you've gotten used to all the members and the  feeling of the town, i think i liked San Vicente more than my first area. well now i am serving in an area called La Plata. its not filled with fields but its going to be a good area! its a bigger city and my companion seems likea really good guy. he is also from chile so i still have latin companions. i asked him where he lives to see if he is from the same place as anthonys mission but he isnt:P im just really excited to have a new area and start off new again. my companion has the same amount of time as i do and we are going home on the same date.. yes i already know the day im scheduled to go home:) buti wont be telling anyone exactly what day it is:P 
other than those two things though nothing too crazy has been happening, im sure i will have more to say next week due to the new area and everything but my mind is really tired. i spent the night packing my bags until 12:30 and then had to wake up at 5:30 to make it to the transfer meeting at 10 (we have to travel in train) and after the meeting we then had to make another 2 hour trip to my new area also in train. so its been non-stop all day and traveling can really drain you. but im doing great and i cant wait to see what new things the lord has in store for me!
Elder Whetten

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