Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jesse E-mail - January 14, 2014

haha momma i said the snakes were flirting with us, i want nothing to do with them:P 
but this week was great! we had exchanges on wednesday and i had the wonderful opportunity to almost get robbed. i was standing up on the bus and was talking to my companion when i felt a hand going down into my pocket. i turned around and hit the hand. the drunk behind me was trying to steal my wallet. i didnt say anything though because well, one he was drunk and two it would've done absolutely nothing. but this week did seem to drag on forever! it was without a doubt the longest week of the mission! i have no idea why it was that way but it was just one of those weeks:P we didnt get fed by the members this week but we managed. and the rate for buses went up this year so now we are lower on money because we have to pay almost double of what we were paying last year. i am right there at the 1/4 mark of my mission but it doesnt feel like it. time is just a blur here on the mission but i think thats the way life is going to be. im loving every minute of being out here serving the lord. i know that he sent me to this mission for a purpose i have had many moments to show it. im especially grateful for my savior and for what he did for every one of us. he suffered both physically and spiritually for every one of us. and just knowing that i caused him a portion of that pain makes me want to be a better person. makes me want to better myself and those around me. i looked at the atonement a little different this week. i know that christ is my savior and lord but this week i looked at it from a different point of view. hes is my older brother. literally when i thought of it like that i teared up a little. i was able to talk to the mission president this week too for our interviews and im pretty sure that this next transfer i will be moved:P but ive still got some time to do some more work here in Parque Baron! hopefully i can do a little more work here before i move on! i love you all and hope you enjoy this letter! your are always in my prayers!!!
Elder Whetten!

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