Monday, November 4, 2013

Jesse E-mail = Nov.4, 2013

right now i am very tired:P
we played soccer pretty much all day and now i just want sleep:P
but other than that i am doing great!!!
this week flew by! there wasn’t a whole lot of success but i was happy:) the family that we are teaching have a date for the 17th and the boy of theirs maxi! wants to be baptized on the 10th! so if thats how it works out it will be a great birthday present:)!!! Yeah, but his parents have a date for the 17th of this month too so we will see if he gets baptized on the 10th or 17th with his family. but this week seemed to be really chill, nothing out of the ordinary happened:/
(Do you have any trouble with dogs?)

haha no not really they only chase after bikes for some reason! 
and in my area we dont have bikes we either walk or take the bus.
and if they are gutsy enough to come barking at us then we kick them and they leave us alone. there just dogs

(Do you live in the city or the country?)
It’s not in either haha its more of the suburbs kinda.
there is a part of our area that is just cement houses and shacks  and the other part has a little bit more money and the houses and streets are a little cleaner there but every square foot is used here there is no space between houses. and the only way to go is up!
It’s what about 3 oclock there?  its weird to think that life over there is still just going on with out us missionaries. elder davis and i talk about home quite alot because he went to EAC for a year and we know some of the same people. so thats cool.

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