Monday, December 2, 2013

Jesse E-mail - December 2, 2013

Hello America!!! things have warmed up here in south america and the humidity is beating me up a  little.
thanksgiving hmm i wont exagerate that one, it sucked. they dont have the same holidays here that `Murica 
has so i missed out on the pie turkey stuffing and countless other america made food. but hey i have three guys
a hot apartment and a bunch of work to do so the time is great! the past two weeks have dissapeared and i
really didnt realize that it was december to be honest. one its reallly humid here. two, the people here dont
really put up cristmas decorations, and i have very little to put up:P three, i dont have my family to spend it with!
and we all know im a little distant from family but closer to my spiritual family:) the work has been great, not a whole 
of success but we dont stop for anything haha we always have something to do and i love it. drunk guys have a tendency 
to come and talk to me, just yesterday after church we were all walking together, the four misisonaries im my area. and this
drunk comes across the street and just starts respirating his alcohlic breath in my face. but he was funny:P he gave me a hug haha 
and told me to tell him a little about the word of god, we said some quick words, i told him my name was Elder Davis and he
then did something i will never forget haha he grabbed my hands put them on his head and told me to give him a 
blessing. so a little irritated with the poor guy i alone gave him the fastest and most fakest blessing ever:P he wont ever remember this 
moment but i wont ever forget it. im not sure why drunk people tend to want to listen to the word of god when there
drunk but i guess its better than nothing right:P this week was also a little rough with investigators, not too much luck and 
in all reality not too much happened, just a lot of walking, sweating, teaching, and basically missionary work:) its definatly
no picnic but ive grown to love every minute of it:) because hopefully at one time in their lives these people will remember talkign 
to an Elder of the church and just maybe it will spark their interest 10 years from now when they see missionaries pass by
theirs always hope:) i just keep my head up and think of the reason im really here. sure it sucks sometimes but hey, Im
Elder Whetten:) i have a calling to fulfil, a message to share, my families to support me, and people to save,and im a MORMON:D
haha one day thats going to be a mormon message thing just watch! I love you all and pray for you every chance i can, i miss
you all too but hey i will see you all in what...20 1/2 months:P
Love Elder Whetten!

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