Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jesse E-mail - November 11, 13

I had an great birthday present when Maxii got baptized yesterday. and now he is right here sitting next to me:P
So we have another member of the family esquivel that wants to be baptized! that was good news!! he wants to get baptized the week after his parents:)
He turns 8 on the 24 of this months which is why he has to wait so long but hes been listening to the lessons and apparently pays more attention than i thought:P  This kid is just talking about baptism now!!!:) it makes me happy that he was listening to the right things!!

but man sometimes i dont feel like a missionary! i feel like im a sphychiatris?? one of those people that talk to people to help with there problems??:P haha i cant spell long words anymore:P
we intend to say how the gospel can help with their problems, but sometimes some interesting things come up and its hard to steer things back in that direction:P  Either we get it going in the right direction just in time or we "run out of time" and have to go. and usually when that happens we have some time to recuperate and gather our thoughts and pray:) so thats always nice to do!

ohh and i get to see jeffery r holland Saturday!!
haha im just excited because i understand English and can get more out of it:P some of the things are lost when they are translated but not for me:)

the language is really good i understand just about everything that i hear i just have to figure out how to make the same things come out of my mouth but its fantastic!

tell everyone i love them! and to keep smiling:)

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