Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Diana - Emal - November 11, 13

Hello family and friends!!!
Another week has gone by how crazy and can you believe i have been out here for 4 months i only have 14 months left :( crazy!!! Anthony and Ty I am so excited for the two of you!!! Congrats Whitney!!! you will never regret going on a mission.
Well its starting to get really cold and wet and my umbrella is such a hassle so i had to buy a rain coat at walmart i feel like a red marshmallow but it has a hood and hopefully it is water proof. Everyone makes fun of me because I am so cold all the time and the one thing they keep telling me is " Oh sweetheart just wait the cold is still coming" WHAT!!! its going to get colder? man my Arizona blood is just not liking this cold weather.
So we had some really sad news today so i told you all that i was in the mission choir well President Choi and the other Leaders said it was time to end it. :( I was really sad but I guess the Lord has bigger and better plans for the Washington Seattle Mission.  The work has just been awesome. we talked to a lot of people and I gave out 4 or 5 copies of the Book of Mormon and I was  just totally stoked!!
We have an activity coming up and it sounds so amazing i really want to stay in this area for at least one more transfer so i can be here. It is a festival of nativity and I will send you a video explaining what it is but its amazing!!!
Well everyone I love you so much and I know the Lord loves you!  Anyway I hope you have a great week and remember you dont need a badge to be a missionary.

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