Monday, September 9, 2013

Jesse email - September 9, 2013

Where do i start! this week was really good and it also had its downs! last week we had found three new investigators David and josefina(mom and son) and a man named luis!both were really interested in what we had to say but i would have to say that luis is really amazing. in our second lesson with him he said the closing prayer and in it he said he wanted to repent of his sins and to be baptized and receive the blessings that go along with being a member. he is an amazing find! the downside to this week was that i wore the new shoes for a day to break them in and they just destroyed my feet! i have blisters on my heels and the tops of my toes for some reason:P but that's okay because life goes on and the pain will go away sometime! a funny fact from Argentina is that everything here is in bags! the milk,mayonnaise,ketchup,yogurt haha its just really funny. and the soccer down here isnt a sport its life! everyone plays it and everyone loves it! even the old people! oh i have a funny story for you! so on Thursday night i believe it was i went on splits with a member, and was already a little worried because i can only say so much with this language barrier. well when me and this member got to a less actives house it was all on me! haha i think he spoke one time in the whole lesson. and at one point in the lesson i had come to a bump in the road and was going to ask him for help. as i turned to him, his head was down and his eyes were shut...haha the guy was just napping, like he didn't have a worry in the world! that's not all though it gets worse on my part:P this member hadn't told me that this lady, susana, had already been baptized and was just inactive  so i asked her to follow Christs example and if she would be baptized. after he had awoken from his slumber he told me that she was already baptized and went through the temple and everything  wooh!! needless to say i felt like an idiot:P but hey, trial and error! i will always ask if they are members before we go into there houses:)  and i also have the privilege of not having to wash my own clothes! there is a member in the ward that does it for the missionaries:) and i would also love alot more U.S. postal stamps! they send all the letters in a bag to the us and then just mail them from there! anyways that's how Argentina was this week! i hope to hear from you soon! I Love you all! family and friends!
Elder Whetten!

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