Monday, September 2, 2013

Jesse email - September 2, 2013

Momma!!! i finally have the opportunity to talk to you!
everyhting here is so much different than the USA but it is so amazing! the conditions of the city itself are terrible but the people are amazing! seriously the dogs here are like bunnies! you cant walk one block without seeing 20 dogs! but at least there nice and smart enough to look both ways across the street. ill just share with you some things that are a little more different here. in USA we have blinds on the inside of the window to keep the sun out but here we have metal or wood shutters to keep anything and everything out! so thats always fun to think about. we also dont knock on doors here, everyhouse has a gate that is really close to the street so we end up clapping instead of knocking and yes everyone knows when the clappng is for them or not:P

the food that we eat here is alot more different than i thought it would be too! its seriously more italian than mexican! i know you might not want to hear this but out of the 7 days that i have been here i have only eaten 8 times:P so ive already lost my mtc weight! thats good news right haha but when we do eat with the members the food is really good!
we eat when the members feed us:P haha but other than that we dont eat a ton of food, just cookies and soda for snacks. and we cant drink the water that comes out of the tap because it will get us sick so we have to filter all of our water, and the members and everyone does that too but they usually give us soda or jugo which is juice

and im in the Parque Baron mission! and my companions name is Elder Paredes! haha he speaks no English!  so i will learn a little faster i hope!!  im teaching him some english and he is helpng me with my spanish:P

(after asking him if Pargue Baron mission was in the city of Buenos Aires)
umm honestly i have no idea what part its in. im just here teaching haha all i know is where my apartment is the church is and a few members
ill see you next week! i have to go! I Love you so much!

Elder Whetten!

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