Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jesse Email - September 23, 2013

well this week was a little harder than others, there weren't many people who were willing to listen to us. when we knocked on the doors they would usually tell us to go away and that they didn't want to hear what we had to share with them. that was a little rough but good things happened too. we found a few more new investigators and hopefully they decide to stay with the lessons because people start the lessons but don't always finish them. its normal for missionary work but new to me. over here on this side of the equator things are warming up a little more. after having 6 full days without the sun and only rain and wind it felt great to see the sun again! spring here is just as bad here as there haha allergies are a pain! and I'm getting fat:P  not really,I've just lost all my muscle because i don't work out in the mornings.  soccer is amazing here! and there isn't a time that someone isn't playing in the streets,on a court, or in a field! down here there are two major teams that everyone likes. one team is River(Ree-ver) and Boca. and pretty much your either cheering for one team or the other, there is NO in between!! my companion is a fan of boca, and not knowing this beforehand i chose River!! there colors are read and white and bocas colors are blue and yellow. we both have jersies for the opposing teams and we laugh about it alot. i pray for the family and hope you are all happy:) time continues to just fly by for me, its both good and bad. i think i told you this last week but my companion has never dipped his cookies in milk before so I'm showing him the ways of America!! and i made tacos today and he loved them so much he had 9 of them! we are eating a little better now:P  i think i eat a bag of galletas in two days:P so that's probably why I'm hefty :P oh and galletas are cookies! a very important word here!
I Love you so much Momma:)
ELder Whetten!

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