Thursday, October 29, 2015

Anthony - October 28, 2015

Not- so-weekly Report of MR. Mate

It was a good week. We are still contacting alot, but also we are entering in the houses, and teaching in the street more, which is something that we weren't doing. The ZL (E' White and E' Udall) started asking us every night if we were doing leccions in the street, and truthfully we weren't really looking for the opportunities to do so. But we have started leaving with the attitude of teaching more then getting into the houses. Its nice to go in, but we have also had some awesome experiences with that. One night, we decided to contact in our last minutes before going into the house and so we headed in one direction and I felt a bit of fear, uncomfortable, I not sure what, about the direction we were going in. So we changed our course, and we found ourselves in front of a house. We yelled and a man came out. We started to talk to him and then the conversation turned to religion and we taught the entire 1 leccion to this man right on his front porch. and we walked home feeling pretty awesome. WE also taught a part of the first leccion to the polola of a menos activo, and we weren't even thinking that we were going to have a leccion. It was cool. She was asking questions and we just turned the conversation and taught. It was super cool. I have definitely learned to always be prepared to teach in all moments, and to look for the time to teach and the people prepared really are there in front of our faces. We just need the faith to find them. Not much else crazy has happened this week. I love you all and hope your week is amazing. 
Love E' Whetten
P. S. There is a guy who go his leg cut off and has a collection of awesome swords

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