Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Anthony - Jan 7, 2015

Not-so-weekly Report of one Mr. Its not that big of a mountain.

Well, fist off the explanation. We went on a hike today and it was super cool, and looking at it it looks small but is actually pretty big. I didn't have to hard of a time going up, it was pretty easy, and just like Mt. Gram. Desert but then nice trees. I loved it. alot like coming home. but the way down killed me. WE ran down the mountain. Just my comp and I, sprinting down this downhill. It was fun until I got tired, then it sucked but its not like you can stop with a little Latino running ahead of you screaming at the top of his lungs "FASTER" Hmmm, not much else we found some more people to teach which is always fun. But yeah, business as usual. Love you allot and hope your week is awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

Part of the conversation that Anthony & his Mom had -
we get alot of evangelicals down here. they are kinda strange, they stand in parks and talk into a microphone.  its kinda fun  to walk past them, sometimes we have to hurry past, because if they see us the person with the mic yells something about false churches, not like they can do much except yell. and truthfully they are nice people, well most of them, some are just jerks, but yeah, we have the truth and if they don't want to listen, ok

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