Monday, April 28, 2014

Diana E-mail - April 28, 2014

Hello From Washington!!!!
Well this week has been pretty great!! Sister Batton and I decided to be more obedient and we truly saw the blessings come from that. We had amazing lessons with people who having felt the spirit in a while and it was great. The Lord truly does want to bless us when he gives us commandments. I have realized how fast time is going by my mission has hit its have way point in two transfers from now Anthony will be in the MTC in 8 Transfers my mission will end. This is not fair! time needs to slow down. and for all of who do not know what transfers are they are how missionaries count down there life. It is a week period of time where you work as hard as you can before you are up rooted and moved to a new places they are great. counting down 6 weeks at a time is not a good idea it just makes everything happen so much faster. Well the weather is starting to warm up the sun is coming out a little more!! we live right down the road from the ocean and let me tell you what it is beautiful! God is so great he blesses us with so much an to just add a cherry to what we already have he goes and gives us amazing things to enjoy just for the heck of it! I love God!! I love this Gospel! i love Jesus Christ, I love being a missionary and i love the future, i love the past and more then anything I love the present. each new day is a gift and i have wasted so many gifts so to day i am going to us it up!!!! Well i love you all and i am so proud to be a member of the best family in the world. That is if we are related or not!! we are all Gods children! Have a great day and remeber be grateful for what you have because you never now when the lord will decides to give you less. 
Love from the one and only Sister Whetten   

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