Monday, March 3, 2014

Jesse E-mail - March 3, 2014

(Jesse's Mission President called us on Friday to let us know that Jesse's companion had been in the hospital all week, so Jesse was there with him.  They said that he was doing good and was being very positive.  Jesse finally got to email this week)

well to start things off yes I'm still in the hospital with my companion:P and you are definatly right about me not liking it because im going crazy!! i wont lie its a pretty nice hospital but i hate being cooped up for 11 days straight with out sunshine or weather or anything. but hey i guess its preparing me in the way of patience. i always thought i had enough patience for everything but man two weeks in the hospital sucks!! today i escaped from the four walls of sickness and got to go out into the real world again. my companion stayed with a brave volunteer in the hospital while i finally got to play some soccer and eat something other than hospital food:D none of the food in there is seasoned or salted or anything haha still no Dr.Pepper and not alot of carne:P 

im really happy that there is another temple in arizona! just another one i can go to when i get back! not being able to go to the temple is a bummer, but i swear that time here is different, and it wont stop flying. 

i cant believe that anthony is finishing up with his papers!! im so excited to know where he will go! but its a really good feeling to know that our family will have 3 missionaries out at the same time. 

i feel bad because there isnt too much to tell other than ive been stuck in the hospital. and if he is in the hospital for two weeks then he has to be sent home and then i will be in an area with a new companion working somewhere that i really dont know:P its kinda exciting to know that anything could happen. either way i will be happy to be out of prison and preaching the word again:) we did have a really good talk with one of the nurses about the church though so we really haven't stopped completely. 

i hope everything goes good at home and that you all recieve some rain soon! i pray for you always and love you all!
Elder Whetten

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