Monday, February 17, 2014

Jesse e-mail - February 17, 2014

hola! Que Tal?? 
my companion says hi! his name is elder Aldana and he is from here, Argentina!
haha he is a really skinny guy but a great missionary! he has really good relationships with the members, haha all 30 of them:P well thirty that are active, this area has a ton of menos activos... less actives! so we work most of the time with them, the first week here in la Florida hasnt been bad but it is a lot different than Parque Baron, its only a two man apartment so that sucks but i will live! bcause it has a lifting set inside!!! so i get to fatten up a little and try and get some muscle back:P other than that nothing out of the ordinary had happened:P a little on the boring side i know but i guess thats life! haha im Happy though! excited to be in this new area and get to know more of gods children. ohh and today i have 7 months in the mission.. crazy!! but im taking it all in and doing me best! thats all i have for this week so i love you all and i hope you like this picture i took with Elder Montano!!!

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