Thursday, February 27, 2014

Diana E-mail - February 24, 2014

Well transfers just happened and i stayed and so did sister batton we are still serving in the samoan ward!! I am so happy I love this ward so much and i know there is no other place i could be. the work is picking up we have two baptizms planed for this next month if you can just pray for them they are very close to these very impotant steps there names are Ave Mulo and Junior Ilaoa.
its been pretty wet lately and i am ready for the sun.
  I promise that i will get some pictures home i just need to figure everything out and i will start sending them home so you can see the people i am working with. well everyone i love being a missionary and i love sharing my testimony with those around me i love the Book of Mormon and the joy it brings into our life. I love  being here in Washington working with the Samoan people i am pretty sure i am Samoan. heres what happened at my birth I was born in American Samoa and my birth mother loved the ocean so much that she pulled a moses mother and put me in a basket and i ended up on the beach of California some mexican lady thought i was so beautiful took me home but on the way home i was snached out of her hands an the rest in history i ended up with the Whettens and so now i am white. any way i hope yall have a great week and i hope you are looking for oppertunities to share the Gospel with your freinds!! love you all!!!
Sister Whetten

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