Monday, October 21, 2013

Jesse Email - October 21, 2013

haha this week was a little bit of both good and bad but mostly good!

so this week we were supposed to go and have our baptism with micaela, but things got a little crazy. the day of the baptism we found out that her and her mom took a trip to paraguay which is really common. so after we had already begun to fill the font and everything we found this out and had to drain it and think of some other plans to do instead:P that was the worst part:P

(I asked him what the best part of his week was)

we found a family to teach!!! and they are very very receptive to all we have to say:)

(I asked him if he had any fun this week)

aha of course mom:) its me! the four of us elders play alot of Uno, and it get pretty intense when there's two languages flying around the room. and we play soccer ever week! and im a little tired right now because we played today too:P and me and elder Davis climbed onto our roof:) i have cool pictures of it!

i hope you all have a wonderful week, don't have to much fun without me:P i miss you all and pray for you always!

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