Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jesse made it to Argentina

Momma! im so sorry i wasnt able to talk to you again yesterday!  The plane ride was really long i tried to sleep on it but there were movies on and the lights were terrible. but the good side of things was that i had a window seat right behind the wing and i got some amazing pictures of the sunrise in argentina, and the weather is cool so that felt amazing stepping off the plane into 35 degrees! when we got on a double decker bus at the airport we had to drop off the other missionaries at another airport. so we got a full tourist vision of buenos aires so that was lucky! i have so many pictures i have to show you next Monday! and the people here are so much more different than 5 ft nothing juanitos running around everywhere! they look like normal americans but just talk spanish :) just thought i would let you know that im doing great and that the area is amazing and really beautiful! I Love you all and cant wait to tell you about my first week on Monday! because mondays are my P-days! bye ill keep you in my prayers!
Elder Whetten

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