Monday, October 28, 2013

Diana E-mail - Oct 28

Well hello family and friends!!! 
This week was a little crazy we had transfers this week and i got a new companion. She is a good missionary. We had to put our car in the shop today so we are mostly on foot today :P not any fun because this area is all hills just to get home is literally an up hill battle. but we ill be ok I am in the Seattle Washington Mission choir and is is so much fun i am so excited we are preforming   on November 24!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHAT EVERYONE????????? MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 6 DAYS!!!!!! I am going to be 20 how crazy i was thinking about Montana and memories of wen we went out on the ice and Jazz was spining around and then she fell and i felt like that was just yesterday but everyone including myself has just grown up. I will be 2 decades old how crazy.

I need some help so I have a friend that I have been thinking about for a really long time and i need to find her her name is ALEXA LOPEZ can someone please find her for me and tell me how she is doing i miss her and i know she needs the gospel so if you have time please someone tell me how she is doing.
Well this week is going to be great I know that Lord is with us I had a really cool experience we were out knocking doors and this man opened up and he was telling us how he was roman catholic and so usually I bear testimony of the book of mormon and that usually is a really good gate way for Bible bashing so i just started bearing my testimony of the savior and what he did for all of us not just members of the church and i could feel the spirit just testify to me and this man that what i was saying was true and that Jesus Christ is my savior and he does love me even when i fall short. Keep up the amazing work and I know all of you are love by God and by me!!! have a great week

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