Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our first letter from Jesse came Snail Mail.  We should get an e-mail to share tomorrow as his P-day is on Wednesday.  But I will share a few thoughts from the letter he sent home as I know there are people waiting to hear from him.

Today was the first day of finally being a Missionary!  The flight was amazing, the acceleration of the plane and the view was great.  We even saw the Grand Canyon like Papa said.  Seeing the Sheltons was really great too.  We went to lunch with them and we even went to some of the church sites around the temple.
Let me tell you one thing about the church, there is absolutely NO time to waste!  As soon as we got here we put our luggage in our rooms went and got our books and went straight to class.  Tonight we got to teach 3 different people as a group of about 80 missionaries (including Diana) and the spirit there was wonderful, there is not doubt I'm supposed to be here right now.  Dinner wasn't too bad.  It was actually really good!  Then we got a run down about how everything here runs.  My first companion for the next 6 weeks is Elder Brown, he is from Payson, Arizona.  He's a pretty cool guy!  Overall today was a great start to my mission.

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